COAD Resource Teams

COAD Resource Teams focus on the immediate recovery activities to be implemented after a disaster to facilitate any needed response for impacted vulnerable populations.


Developmental Disabilities
Chair - Susan Magers

Liaison - Anna Day


Works with developmentally disabled individuals, families, and caregivers.

• Provides information regarding education, response and recovery before and after disaster events.

Assists with locating available resources after a disaster.

Elder Care

Liaison - Sue Firestone


 Provides on-going education, training and  information to community-based shelter volunteers and others involved in disaster recovery.

Collects and disseminates community resource information for aging services following a disaster.


Liaison - David Ashby


Plans actions to facilitate the protection and care of the homeless during a disaster.

Assists with necessary tools for effective disaster related communication to the homeless.


Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Chair - Kery Dennis

Liaison - Kim Wiles


Works with high-risk behavioral groups.

• Provides effective response and recovery activities after disaster.

Ensures access to critical incident stress management, crisis intervention services and information.


Youth and Families

Chair - Janet Kahn

Liaison - Nathan Scott


 Ensures that viable plans are in place for at risk youth and families..

Provides effective response and recovery after disaster regarding resources available.